Our Story

Inimitably Jill

Forbidden to have pierced ears, designer Jill Schwartz resorted to gluing beads to her ears at just three years old.

Fast forward to scavenging bead stores while traveling in Europe as a young woman — making and selling jewelry to pay her way as she went.

Now Jill sells to Anthropologie, Harrods, Neiman Marcus, and boutiques around the world. While her mixture of vintage and modern elements has evolved over the years, each piece remains unmistakably, inimitably “Jill.”

Mixing Metals

Brand New Studs

Fiona Stud Earrings Set

Fiona Stud Earrings Set

$ 116

Gorgeous mix-metal set of stud earrings with floral elements, our Fiona set features our trademark bits of texture and sparkle with subtle hints of color. Designed to be worn as paired or mix-and-match your own looks. Available as a set or individual pairs.

  • Mirrored floral cabochons.
  • Vintage wood cabochons.
  • Assorted glass beads.
  • Assorted ribbon ties.
  • Antique gold and silver-colored plated castings.
  • Crystal navettes and baguettes.
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